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 Clinique dentaire Cornwall

(613) 938-8484

809 second Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
 K6H 2A4

Heures d’ouverture

Lundi: 8h-18h

Mardi: 8h -20h

Mercredi: 8h – 20h 

Jeudi: 8h – 20h 

Vendredi: 8h – 16h 

Samedi: 8h- 14h 

Cornwall Dental Clinic provides quality dental care for all the families of the community. Are you seeking for a dentist for you and your family? You have come to the right place!  Cornwall Dental Clinic will meet all your needs and expectations. The members of our team are renowned for their gentleness, their courtesy, and their empathy.

We are constantly raising our standards in terms of high-quality dental care. Whether you are in Cornwall, Long-Sault, Hawkesbury, Bainsville or even Alexandria, Cornwall Dental Clinic is there for you!

Cornwall Dental Clinic offers you a unique concept: a group of dentists, each with their own strengths and always available to suit your needs. Whether it is for surgery, crowns and bridges, esthetic dentistry, teeth whitening or a free consultation for orthodontics or denturist services, our professionals are waiting for you!

The clinic has been serving our community for more than 40 years!

Access a wide range of benefits by visiting Cornwall Dental Clinic.

  • Great schedules

o    Availability on daytimes, evenings and weekends

o    Same day appointment for emergency treatments

  • An experienced dental center

o    40 years of experience

o    Standardized network of dental clinics to better serve you

  • A caring and experienced team

o    Several dental health professionals at the same address

o    Professionnals renowned for their gentleness, courtesy, and empathy

o    Personalized care, showing care for your needs

o    Constant concern for confidentialty